The Snips Journal - Weekly Newsletter - Issue #8

This week, we have for you: 5 Snips In Numbers 1 Tiny Snip Sit back and feel those knowledge gains coming!💪💪💪

TS #45 – Worlds Fastest Ai

On May 27 2021, a virtual ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the  Berkeley Lab’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) officially launching the worlds fastest supercomputer, Perlmutter.

The system is named after Saul Perlmutter , an astrophysicist at Berkeley Lab who shared the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to research showing that the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

The Perlmutter system will help map out the map of the entire visible universe spanning 11 billion light years by processing data from DESI, which is capable of capturing as many as 5,000 galaxies in a single exposure.

“In one project, the supercomputer will help assemble the largest 3D map of the visible universe to date. It will process data from the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), a kind of cosmic camera that can capture as many as 5,000 galaxies in a single exposure,”

Dion Harris (NVIDIA) wrote in a blog post

The map of the universe isn’t the only project set up for Perlmutter. The supercomputer will also study atomic interactions to foster clean energy tech like biofuels.

SiN #81 – 278,491

That is the number of Indians working in the US under H-1B visas, the highest for any country. It is followed by China in the second position at just 50,609 and Canada at 4,615. H-1B visas allow specialized foreign workers to immigrate to the US on the basis of their jobs which is mostly tech related.

SiN #79 – 12 Million

That is the number of child births China had in 2020, down 18% compared to the previous year. India had 24.06 million births in the same period, down just 0.2% from 2019 level of 24.11 million births.

SiN #78 – $87 Billion

That is the valuation the China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group Ltd had in April, before even selling a vehicle. This massive valuation can be attributed to the Evergrande Group being the 2nd biggest real-estate developer in China, which drove investor imaginations, making it more valuable than the likes of Renault, Nissan and even Ford Motors!

SiN #77 – 257%

That is the debt to GDP ratio of Japan, the third largest economy, as of May 2021, as per IMF. That is the highest in the world, even greater than Sudan(212%) and Greece(210%). Debt to GDP of the US is at 133%, India at 87%, China at 70% and Hong Kong – with the lowest – at 1%.

SiN #75 – 759,572

That is the number of companies in India that shut down their businesses just in the month of April 2021 according to a report by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Also, during the month, 2,163,829 new companies were registered.