The Snips Journal - Weekly Newsletter - Issue #9

This week, we have for you: 6 Snips In Numbers Sit back and feel those knowledge gains coming!💪💪💪

Snips in Numbers

SiN #82 – 1,750,000,000,000

That is the number of parameters the Natural Language Processing(NLP) AI model  WuDao 2.0 developed by the Beijing Academy of AI. It is even higher than Google’s Switch Transformer, which has 1.6 trillion parameters, which it unveiled in January. More parameters equate to a more sophisticated machine learning model.

SiN #83 – $643,000,000,000

That, according to an independent study commissioned by Apple, is the total amount of money that app developers in its App Store made during 2020, a 24% rise over 2019. That includes the sale of digital goods and services, for which Apple takes a commission(up to 30%), as well as via advertising and the sale of physical goods and services.

SiN #85 – $1,300,000

That is how much a parking lot in Hong Kong was sold for in the first week of June according to The Japan Times. The price(10.2 million Hong Kong dollars) beat the previous record of HK$7.6 million for a spot in an office tower set in 2019.

SiN #86 – $26,200,000,000,000

That is the Market Capitalization(total value of all shares traded) of New York Stock Exchange(NYSE) in 2020 – the highest in the world. It is followed by NASDAQ at $19.2 Trillion. The stock Exchanges of India – Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange, both had a market cap of around $2.6 Trillion, roughly 1/10th of NYSE!

SiN #87 – $930,000,000,000

That, according to a report by Grand View Research, is the projected value of the AI market in 2028. Compared to a size of $62.35 Billion in 2020, it represents a Compounded Annual Growth Rate(CAGR) of 40.2% over 8 years. The value is expected to touch $100 Billion in 2021.

SiN #88 – $427,000,000,000

That, according to a report by the Tax Justice Network, is how much tax revenue, governments and countries, all over the world, are losing to tax havens.